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YK86HB80-04A Yako Stepper motor

YK86HB80-04A Yako Stepper motor

Product Details:


Product Description

YAKO Stepper Package




Ø  High Performance , Low Price

Ø  32 kinds of Microstep Selection

Ø  Once Pulse Stops for 100ms ,the Phase current will automatically reduce to Preset Value

Ø  Bipolar Constant Current Chopper Control

Ø  Step Angle Accuracy : 5%

Ø  Temperature 80 degree Celsius max

Ø  Insulation Resistance : 100 Mohm at 500V DC

Ø  Voltage Endurance : 500V AC 1 minute

Ø  Shaft Radial Play : Max 0.06 mm (450g )

Ø  Shaft Axial Play : Max 0.08 mm ( 450g )